Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage motorcycle links

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine
BK Custom Coatings - Our Recommended Painter
Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
Suzuki Pages - Covering models from 1952 to present
The Bike Yard - Motorcycle Wreckers
Scott's Bridgestone Motorcycles
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (UK)
Kawasaki MT1/KV75 Discussion Group
Kawasaki Triples Worldwide
Canadian Kawasaki Triples Discussion Board
The GS Resources
Badge Replicas - Badges for your vintage motorcycle
YDS Motorcycle Parts
Motorbike UK Web Directory & Search Engine
Pistol Pete's Goldwing Restoration
Marbles Motors - Restoration Services
Custom Mini Trail - Restoration & Customization
Classic Japanese
Shawn Davis Bike Restoration
KnK Cycles - Vintage Motorcycle Parts & Paintwork
Motorsport Craze - Pocket Bikes, Scooters & Mopeds
Classic Suzuki Club - Norway (not in English)
Kawasaki Singles from 60s-70s Discussion Group
Pacific Media Blasting
Crescent Moon Unlimited - Re-Cycled Old Wing Part & More - Specializing in early Japanese bikes
Tony's RD400 - Two Stroke Smoke Zone
Paul Miller Motorcycle - Viintage Suzuki Parts

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  1. There's also that displays parts for: BSA, Norton, Triumphs.