Monday, November 03, 2008

Christian Rodders car show in Santee, at the Sonrise Church (and I wasn't struck by lightning)

Cool vintage luggage in the back of the Rambler wagon

The flames are cool, and the added reflection of the fender on the side hood and door.. even better

The speedometer is cool because the needle seems to be attached to a clear disc that is attached to the center metal rivet that is the rotating part.

Both are Plymouths, the below is a 1928, the first year for Plymouth

The serial number for the car is in the medallion "HE24OC" it appears to me, and the words Chrysler and Plymouth are inside as well... better than a riveted tag under the windshield.. or on the doorframe

I find the hose wrapped around the rear view to be a fun way to make it safe to be around that sharp glass.. and use fuel line for something else
Fuel gauge in the gas cap on the tank
"Hub" cap.

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