Saturday, November 15, 2008

Automobiles of the 20's and before, from

1922 the last horse drawn fire truck in New York
1927 Dodge trucks belonging to the Treasury Department
1908 subway train
Model T runabout
Predessesor to the ladder truck, called a water tower, pre-1922 which was the last year for New York horse drawn fire engines from what I read

1925, and brilliant advertising photo of the "Capital Brand" with the Capital building just over the hood


REO dealership floor, 1920

The Baltimore automobile above demonstrates a safety catcher for pedestrians... I wonder if it was due to unsafe drivers who couldn't safely operate the cars, or pedestrians who couldn't avoid being hit by the comparably quiet cars

Oldsmobile Sales Co. interior, 1919 or 1920

The Hackett Motor Car co, Jackson Michigan

1912 is the time of the photo. Terrific delivery wagon, precursor to the truck
1904 in France for terrific old photos of everything, I just dig the automotive ones

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  1. The car in the top photo is a 1923 Durant A-22 touring sedan, which was the most expensive model of the A-22 range, selling for $1,465.

    The photo of the Hackett factory is very rare - the company was only in business in Jackson and Grand Rapids, MI between 1917 and 1919. It is also interesting to compare this factory with the Ford factory in Detroit - no production lines. Cars would have been manually moved to different parts of the factory according to what parts were being added.