Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There are Hemi engines, and there are Keith Black Racing hemis. But you won't see them unless you race(a lot)

Railsback recently finished an Enderle mechanical-fuel-injection manifold conversion on Mike Hurley’s 467ci Hemi–powered ’34 Plymouth. Harv’s Automotive, next door to BDS, did the EFI installation, and then Railsback spent a few hours tuning the spark and fuel curves. With the tuning accomplished, Hurley drove his ’34 from San Diego to Pleasanton, California, for the annual Goodguys street rod show and knocked down more than 14 miles per gallon on top of wowing the crowd with his too-trick induction system.

I remember this was the cover car for Street Rodder in '96 or '97 if memory serves, because I had the issue in my Super Bee when I went to my car club meeting at a local Jack in the Box on a Saturday night, and we heard this long before we saw it. I was agog that I had just read the story in Street Rodder, and the very car on the cover cruises into the club get together. That like seeing Christie Brinkley on the cover of a magazine while you wait in line at a grocery store, and she gets in line behind you!