Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One owner '59 Studebaker Lark, with a great story

This gets some parade time, and you might see it in the 4th of July Coronado parade... and here's the story...

This was bought for her when she was 15 by this woman's mom, and her mom covered the gas, and insurance.

Why? Her mom was to nervous to drive, and made the deal with her daughter that in return for a new car, the daughter would chauffer her mom anywhere, anytime. In the words of the owner (wish I remembered her name) her mom also didn't want to drive "because it would interfere with her hobby" ..... .... a bourbon and water each night. That just makes me laugh, buying your kid a car, so they can drive to school etc etc, and in return your kid drives you at the drop of a hat anywhere anytime. Now that is cool!

Oh yeah... her son drove it to prom, and used it to get up to LA to see his girlfriend... right up until it died in the middle lane while he was driving at 65mph. That's when her sone stopped borrowing the car... it doesn't have hazard lights.