Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why Dodge and Plymouth musclecars are coolest

1) 440 6 pack. For the 1969 1/2 A12 package cars, see other entry on 440 6pks, Edelbrock made the intakes from aluminum. Weight savings, performance edge from Edelbrock (Holley never made a reputation for their (few) intakes!) 1100 to 1200 cfm throught Holley carbs, nice! Holley may have never realized they could corner the market on the top end of the engine if they would only do better intakes, but they sure have everyone else beat when it comes to carbs!

2) Ram air induction good for an extra 10-15 horsepower, without paying a dime.

3) Bitching hoodscoops. Nothing catches my eye like duals on the hood. The fiberglass lift off on the 69 Superbee, with hoodpins.... frosting on the devils food. Nobody made better looking or bigger hoodscoops.

4) Pistol grip shifter.

5) Dana 60 was the mother of all rear axles. Never heard of one broken from too much abuse or power.

6) Wheel wells big enough for 295-50-15's. Try that on a 69 Camaro. Not gonna happen.

7)Tic toc tach. Beauty. Wish someone made a good quality watch with that face.