Sunday, January 21, 2007

Race cars sold high

The Grumps 74 vega, the only 69 z-28 Motion Performance Camaro, and the 70 Candymatic Ramchargers Cuda all sold on Saturday. 69 Z $104,500 the vega $577,500 Ramchargers Cuda $333,000

I think we can see that the record setting Grumps toy took nearly 2wice the price for the Cuda due to the fame of the legendary owner/driver/racer/record setter. The Cuda took 3 times the Motion Camaro's price for being one of the seminal Ramchargers race teams cars. Sadly, no one seems to value the Motion Camaro for being a unique race car from a legendary race dealership, and it sold for 1/2 of some other z-28's perhaps due to it's unstreetable race only ability.