Thursday, December 14, 2006

the Shelby GT 350H

Via: french old car site, not bad, just need a translator to read.... did I fool 'ya? Hell, I don't read, I just look at these for the pictures!

The Hertz Shelby GT350H was specially prepared for Hertz Rent-A-Car as a publicity move for the benefit of Hertz, Shelby American, and Ford.

Peyton Cramer, a brilliant marketing man, was Shelby's General Manager at this time. He was told to try to get some fleet sales. He called upon Hertz and came back with an order for 936 cars.

The catch was that they had to be painted Hertz colors, black with gold, a paint scheme used on cars made by Hertz in the 1920's, when Hertz was an automaker.

Thus was born the GT-350H.

Now what this writer didn't say, or didn't know, is that in the very last months a GT 350H could also be ordered in other colors, but the stripe remained gold. Red, blue are the rare colors, black the remembered one. If you only wanted to know what every one knows.... you wouldn't be looking or reading my blog, we're here for the cool stuff, the one step further and better stuff... that's what makes a car guy different from a car driver. for a good picture of the blue, gives the following more accurate info
"All were supplied with Gold sill stripes that read GT350H, many also being kitted out with matching Le Mans centre stripes.

Around 80% were painted Raven Black, the remaining 20% being split primarily between Wimbledon White and Candyapple Red."