Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mark your calendar: September 5th, 2017 "Day Without a Trucker" Protest & National Memorial Procession. Spread the word!

Truckers plan to drive past United States Capitol during "National Memorial Procession" to honor 500 brothers and sisters murdered on the job over the past decade and to protest those states that do not allow truckers to carry firearms to protect themselves. You may also participate locally by shutting down for the day. Sponsored by: TRUCKER LIVES MATTER (Small Business in Transportation Coalition).

Spread the word. It's time for a Convoy (even though the 6th of June would have been an epic day)


  1. Seems to me a trucker would be better off carrying a firearm and keeping it hidden. Then if he had to use it in self defense, whatever repercussions he would face afterwards would be far easier to deal with than being murdered.

    1. The "Right to keep and bear arms" wasn't something mentioned that ended when traveling, or at work, or crossing between states. Now, we aren't still fighting the British red coats, but they weren't still fighting the red coats when they deliberately wrote that amendment to the constitution. They knew that they would need that right for the unforeseen future, and that all Americans would need that right.
      SO to me, every trucker and every other American over the age consent and who can afford the ammo and weapon HAS that right to keep and bear arms.
      NOT to carry a hidden gun that will get them arrested and put in jail for possession of hidden weapons, or whatever the crime is.
      Of course, until then, you're right. Better to survive an attack from some crazy bastard than to die without a chance to defend yourself.

  2. Ive always known that the truckers are the most powerful group of people in the nation if they could just stick together,

    imagine if they made some reasonable political demands and if not met by congress, the truckers would simply boycott that congressman's district,
    no pickups, no deliveries in that district.
    no food, no gasoline, no packages, no freight of any kind except medical supplies to hospitals and pharmacies.

    bet the congress would listen pretty quick.

    I always carried a firearm when I was a trucker.