Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bud Ekins' work truck with his, and Steve McQueen's, desert racers. Lettered by Von Dutch. He worked for Bud at one time, and did a lot of work for Steve, but I've never seen anyone discuss this truck before

the lettering looks just like the work Von Dutch did on Bud's Triumph dealership

Photos by John Dominis, Time Magazine

and there you have every single photo of the Ekins shop truck I can find. 

So, did no one think to save that Von Dutch'd truck? Damn. Probably not. It was probably sold to someone who repainted it, then sent it to the junkyard in the 70s


  1. Mentions Ford truck as painted by Von Dutch..... ;-)'s%20Old%20Ford%20Pick%20Up%20in%20background%20painted%20by%20Von%20Dutch.jpg

    1. wow! You just made my DAY! Hell, maybe my WEEK!

      Thank you! I've admired most everything Von Dutch ever did, and I've never seen this photo, in fact, I never even thought to look around and see if there were any photos of this truck on the web.

      Serious appreciation! It's getting harder and harder to find something new to me that Von Dutch did!