Sunday, June 02, 2019

A journey between Grace Braeger and her beloved car is came to an end after 60 years back in the fall of 2017. After six decades together, she found the car a new home.

And she did a very wise thing a long time ago, back in 1962 she got the Midas guarantee, for free replacement mufflers, and her dual exhaust has neede 23 replacement mufflers over the years!


  1. Midas struck gold with this lady, considering the advertisement value they must have gotten out of her. Reminds of those house deals where the buyer will let the seller live there for the rest of her (it's usually a her) life, before taking it over. And she then outlives the buyer by decades...

  2. wonder who bought the car and where its at?

  3. My first car was a 57 Chevy. I am a mechanical engineer recently retired. This car is basically a pickup truck frame with a car body. It does not stop, handle, steer or do anything well. It burned more oil than gas. You could hear it rust. I have owned maybe 30 + cars. This one was absolutely the worst. I'm glad that she enjoyed hers.