Monday, February 25, 2019

header design on the "long lead" press junket 1968 Corvette

So, if this makes more power... why the hell didn't anyone start making headers this way?

This is from the press day 1968 Corvette, 454 LT2, it pulled 10.89 second 1/4 mile was it's best of 71 runs that day.

I posted color photos of the recreated car 4 years ago


  1. Tom Langdon, the engineer for the Saturday night Special said that the headers added only about 12 horsepower. But they were kept because they gave the LT-2 a unique sound. It also used a Holley Dominator 4500 carb that meant they had to rev the big block to 9000rpm to take advantage of the Holley's massive flow.

  2. They're okay for going straight but if you go to Jesse' 2014 coverage of the car, it's jacked up pretty good. For clearance I imagine, but it wouldn't do much for the handling capabilities.

    1. Yes. The name 'Saturday Night Special' was coined because someone on the team thought it would be great for street racing. John Delorean was clearing out all of the special engines that had been developed on the Q.T. to help out racing teams, so the guys at GM decided they needed to take advantage of what was there before it was all gone, hence the aluminum block 454 LT-2.