Thursday, February 28, 2019

(astonishing what was determined to be a train stop) the Interurban Station, Tabor Farms, Sodus, Michigan - real photo postcard, postmarked 1913

Which is a new and unusual source of historic photo graphs, vintage postcard clubs


  1. I suppose it’s semantics but when I look at the picture my head immediately says trolley, not train. Probably because that’s what the trolley looks like in Boston and Philly.

    1. Okay, twice in two hours you've been correcty of me. Am I just such a slob that you're feeling the need to be an editor? Are you bored? I'm still waiting to get a link to your site so I can see how perfectly you describe things, how you write about them, etc. Train? Trolley? Postal delivery to rich people on an island or poor campers who happen to get MAIL delivered to them on an ISLAND in 1930.
      Hint, I'm not finding that you're being civil or courteous with a daily note of what you find my faults to be.
      Quit it

    2. Look, When you pop in just to tell me what it's called where you are, or where you are from, or what it looks like, etc.
      How's that pertinent?
      How is that anything but "Hey! Correction! Wrong term!" in a Barney Fife voice, inferring that I'm wrong, and uneducated?
      How about if you've got anything to add, or discuss, that's going to be topical, helpful, historic, etc, feel free!
      But to be corrective? No, not so well received. Again, lets see your website. I'm eagerly waiting to get to see the websites of anyone that pops into the comment section on my site with a correction.
      Quit being correcty. Be darn near anything else, but I'm not posting to get corrections. I'm posting to share interesting things.
      If you've been inspired, motivated, or moved to add more interesting things to the post in the comment section? Wonderful. Really.
      I get wonderful stuff from you all the time, just not in the last 2 comments.
      Again, who gets mail delivered to an island, specifically Grand Island, in Lake Superior, in 1930? Rich people.
      Why? Poor people don't get much mail, don't live on an island, etc.
      So, don't go away mad, just quit being correcty. Hell, tell me WHO was on that island. That is helpful stuff. But as I'm from that penninsula, and aware of the local history of the wealthiest people in the USA buying up everything around from 1880-1950, I have a SWAG about who was getting mail delivered so close to the Huron Mountain Resort

  2. Who, chill man. I'm not correcting you, I said it was probably semantics, where you have lived they very well may call that a train. The whole rest of the country may call it a train, just not where I have lived. Like when I talked about Hess and Atlantic gas stations we were lousy with in the northeast, but were foreign to you. I think the different nomenclature is interesting, but apparently you don't so I apologize, and will not bother you again.

    1. I'm here to enjoy stuff. I don't put up much that isn't enjoyable. When I do, it's usually for news or safety, and I think that by doing some news and safety, I am doing something that will be a benefit to readers health, information, or learning from others mistakes. It's not nearly as often as I post stupid fun enjoyable or historic stuff.
      So, if you're adding something, you can put whatever you want in the comments and I can't stop you from sending it in, but, you can't stop my reacting to it however the brain function have an impulse to do so.
      If you were doing the same thing I am (at least hoping to do) and making comments helpful in a safety and news way, or silly, stupid fun enjoyable way, then fantastic.
      I've posted before through the years how annoyed I get at being sniped at with spelling corrections, and I've also been clear about when I completely fudge it, and make a mistake, and call a Cistalia a Siata, or a Maverick a Pinto... I cop to it. '
      But train? trolley? Tell me - what's the only thing found on a rail road, never on a road, with metal wheels, hauls people and transports materials, rides on trucks, and the world around has different names for? A locomotive? A train? A trolley? A tram? The elevated? The subway?
      I think these are interesting different semantics - nomenclature - synonyms.... but, would I .................
      No. I'd post about them, compare them, contrast them, show them, talk about them, even admire and get lyrical about them. I would not .................
      Just enjoy, kick back, relax, enjoy the ride.
      Find something to be happy about, tip tappy with a song in your heart.
      Ok? If I go off the rails, no need to catch me before I land, it's a momentary twitch in the matrix, and will quickly be swept back into the 37000 other posts and out of view.
      Without pointing out the tiny little things, life goes on, sometimes as happily as a Mary Poppins song and dance, sometimes with a Robert Preston pizzaz number and barbershop quartet
      but tossing pebbles that cause stumbles and trips? Just harshes the whole mellow mood.
      Watch the Big Lebowski, be the Dude. the Dude abides - man!