Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Seth Spiker hit a pothole in San Antonio, at 70 mph, which broke off a wheel... and his truck went off a 40 foot high drop at an overpass, and the Ranch Hand front bumper saved his life

2008 Chevrolet 2500, 6500 pounds, 40 foot drop, 70 mph

the terrific PPG booth

The smoke from this looked so real! I think it must be solid CO2 / dry ice vapors as it becomes a gas

on the many motorcycle gas tanks weren't many that I liked, but the above artist was spot on, the shape is exactly the shape of a fishing lure

Below are examples of different artists who were all given similar shapes to paint in some camping theme, most seem to be fishing lures

that one above is my favorite

Close up of the details, and they are different on the other side

the photo wouldn't work out better because of the lights in the background

a new Shelby Mustang which appears to look patinad, used at a race track, and not washed... but it's a vinyl wrap

Ken Block's new drift truck

above, 630 am with no one around, below, around noon, people cluttering up the background. Why?
To see how much difference, if any, it makes to take the same photos with and without a crowd