Monday, July 30, 2018

Compliment of the day from Aaron N

Wow, a single click and I find myself here. This blog has put a smile on my face. Created google account just to comment. At first I was like, Jesse, what a *unt. Now I'm like nah, he's alright. Insensitive would be an understatement. One thing for sure though, he comes out of the corner swinging. That's probably not a good reason to dislike someone though is it? All that is needed to be said is this.

Not a single person returned a blow. Not one. Never bring a lemon to a knife fight OK boys n girls. Jesse, your alright man.

At first I didn't know what he meant with most of it, then, I realized he was probably referring to the other comments in the post on John Hawkinson's collection.  

Ummm, I thought the post was a nice solid article on a really cool guy, and a really cool collection, but then the comments section went all kids of wacko, and people forgot the post. 

So, I think it's the to and fro of the comments and replies that Aaron is responding to.... which, I gotta laugh about. I mean, not often people compliment someone they find offensive, based on the boxing match of words.

 Makes me giggle a bit, to be lauded for my linguistic fierce offensive . Wow, "Not a single person returned a blow. Not one. " well, I can be proud of that, regardless of opinions. The ref tallied the blows and it was me - lots. them - none.  Almost has me imagining that I'm getting compared to Rocky, you know, if he HADN'T gotten all beat up, but just went in and won fast and clean. Or Mike Tyson. Wasn't his best when he just took out the opponents in less than 30 seconds? 

8 of his early and quickest finishes were under a minute!

54 seconds, 52 seconds, 50 seconds, 49 seconds, 39 seconds twice, 37 seconds and 30 seconds.

With a win like that, I'd like to invite you all out for a round of cold ones. We could avoid opinions, and just shoot the breeze about cool cars, collectors, and airplanes n stuff. 


  1. Well, hells bells, why wouldn't you come out swinging when people act like you're not allowed to have your own opinion on your own site, that's free to anyone who wants to sign up?

    1. Yup... and, there's no requirement to sign up to view the site, it's free to everyone with internet connectivity. Signing up is only required to comment.

  2. Hi Jesse, the article is quite solid. Very interesting gentleman Hawkinson would of been.

    Loving the compliment of the day by the way.

    1. He must have been a wonderful guy to talk to, but I'd never heard of him when I was in New England, and not until he'd died did news about him get around the internet. Well, that just sucks.
      As for the compliment, I'm loving it even more!