Tuesday, July 31, 2018

there have been some close calls, but this? This is looking ol Lucifer in the face and spittin' in his eye, and saying "Not today moose breath!"

A lorry driver and his passenger were saved from certain death by a giant safety net after their runaway vehicle came to a juddering stop at the end of a motorway escape ramp, pitching them both through the windscreen and over a 330ft cliff.

“If not for the net, we would’ve been goners,” the unnamed driver said later. The accident happened on the Kunming-Mohan motorway in Yunnan province, south China.


thanks Steve!

How long has it been since you've seen a cool 66 Chevelle? Where did they all go?

Sure, a 70 Chevelle is going to get a lot more publicity with the hood stripes and 454, but I like these just as much for the square body design and the way the grill looks. 

Did you know there is an annual Snowman's Run, celebrating the Smokey and the Bandit movie, and it's a get together of Trans Ams and features the recreation Snowman rig

additionally, Burt Reynolds is going to be signing autographs at Bubba Fest Aug 10-12. Burt will be there for photo ops with fans, and with his legendary Bandit Trans Am and the Snowman truck.

Other celebrities that will be there, vehicle movie and tv show related... are Lee Majors (the Fall Guy) and Richard Petty, and Ryan Hurst (Opie, Sons of Anarchy) and a slew of wrestlers, and tv show celebs I don't know a thing about because I don't watch tv. (I binge watch entire series at once, though. NO commercials, no wasted time waiting for the next episode)


Right on... good innovative way to use a bird head logo to adapt a bird logo

July banners (you know, you can use these for your facebook banner photos too... )

A new Demon just came into the dealership I work at... and I found a couple things I hadn't seen before

there was this little box in the trunk... and in it:

notice the tiny print at the bottom of the cover page... made by Hot Rod!

I hadn't seen this on the air filter retainer before... cool!

winner of the New Jersey stop of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour.

innovative veggie steamer operation off the Magnaflows... that's a neat little trick!


Hot Wheels in the news... why? Well, they did invite me to a cool 50th anniv party/car show.... but never mentioned the Go Pro carrying Hot Wheels car... or the "Challenge Accepted" Kroger Competitions!

photos by Sam Bendall

Hot Wheels introduced the Camaro Hot Wheels Edition for Hot Wheels' 50th anniversary.

The iconic Crush exterior color and stripes replicating the toys' famous orange tracks is added to a limited number of 1,900 Camaro 2LT and 2SS coupe and convertible models.

The commemorative package add-on costs $4,995 on top of the retail price of $51,075.


Mattel is offering Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars next summer.


Hot Wheels and GoPro collaborated to make a Hot Wheels car called the "Zoom In" that carries a Go Pro Session 4 or Session 5 through your track.


meanwhile in the financial news.... Mattel lays off 2200 workers representing 22% of global non-manufacturing workforce, as well as planned sale of manufacturing sites in Mexico, due to concerns over the closing of Toys R Us, it's biggest customer, but at the same time, Mattel’s top two brands. Barbie and Hot Wheels made up 18% of the company’s quarterly sales.

Barbie saw sales increase 12% and Hot Wheels saw a strong 21% increase in sales in the quarter. This is during a quarter that saw large declines from the closing of Toys “R” Us.

A Mattel spokesman said the job cuts will affect mainly its office workers worldwide and are part of the company’s efforts to slash at least $650 million in costs due to the effect the closing of Toys R Us has on it's Thomas & Friends and Fisher Price brands. Mattel, which is based in El Segundo, California, has about 28,000 employees.

Second-quarter financial revenue fell 14 percent to $840.7 million, below the $863.1 million analysts expected.

Ynon Kreiz, who was named CEO in April, said Wednesday that he expects the negative impact of Toys R Us to subside by next year. Mattel, he said, is working closely with other retailers and looking for more ways to sell its toys online.


and did you see these at your local stores? I found an endcap at my grocery store... they look better in person.

Hot Wheels is organized Build the Epic Stunt Sweepstakes so fans could win over $600 worth of Hot Wheels tracks, cars, and more.

the Grand Prize (ended in 2017) was: A selection of Hot Wheels prizes including seven 20-Packs, an Ai Intelligence Race System, four Track Builder Construction Crash Kits, four Marvel Large Scale Feature Cars Assortments, 12 Monster Jam 1:64 Assortments, 12 DC Universe Character Cars, and 12 Criss Cross Crash track sets. (ARV: $602.47)


and for $115 Australian dollars, a one ounce silver commemorative coin

50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Design,  official licensed product proof quality 99.99% pure silver limited edition of 5,000 themed presentation packaging  https://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/coins-mattel-50-years-of-hot-wheels-2018-1oz-silver-proof-coin.aspx