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New York City, East Side, Sunday morning Checker cabs lined up and waiting for work. 1941. Marion Post Wolcott, photographer

School Buses from the Strahan Ohio, Consolidated School. Lined up waiting for students at the end of the day on a very muddy street.

The Buses have chains on all four tires, but what good are chains on the front tires? Yeah those muddy ruts indicate that the roads are not prepped, they are just the ground dealing with spring thaw, by the looks of the leafless trees in the background

A construction accidental explosion caused a cave in of 7th Ave, New York, which was temporarily wood planking, and it was worse bad luck that a loaded trolley was in the wrong place and time to fall in

At about 7:50 a.m. on September 22, 1915 during the subway excavation for a new line, a blast of dynamite caused the temporary roadway of wood planking to give way. A trolley loaded with passengers plunged 30 feet into the abyss created by the cave in.

 an explosion followed by a massive street collapse threw 7th Avenue into a scene of pandemonium and carnage.

 A beer truck minus the driver also fell into the excavation.

The reason more people were not killed was because the street undulated for a few seconds before collapsing which allowed precious time for people on the street to scatter to safety.

The blast which caused the shoring of the street to give way, was initially thought not to be from an unusually large charge of dynamite. The shoring which held up the street was designed to withstand 700 pounds per square foot if the street was loaded to capacity. The weight at the time of the collapse was 1/10 of that. The chief engineer of the construction company C.H. Stengle said, “It’s a puzzle to me. It was the strongest subway shoring ever built in New York, yet it went down like a house of cards.”

Peters Bros. Shoe Repair promotional car in 1922, San Francisco, circa: 1922

Fully kitted out camping and traveling model T

Great example of making do on the road crossing the country... the water container in the spare tires, the pantry box on the running board, the hammock above the front seat

Did you know that U Haul got into renting camper trailers in the 80s?

On Jan 25th, 1984, U Haul announced it was going to start renting it's own brand of travel trailers, made to it's specs.

Dayton Trailer Manufacturing co actually made them, from 1984 to 85, and rented them until 1990. Made in both 13 and 16 foot sizes, were made durable due to the beating they might take as rentals, and they also were made with swamp coolers and more specially for renting, cabinets that could be removed for easier cleaning

When U Haul was done renting them, they painted over the markings and sold them

be sure to select 780 resolution

when you've found a working wishing well (thanks Dennis!)

but... a 1973? Who in the world wants a 73 instead of a 68, or a Daytona Charger with a Hemi? And if you've got a wishing well helping you out, swing for the fences and ask for one that won races in Nascar!

Cheltenham 1947

Baden Powell's Rolls Royce and Caravan from 1929.

Baden Powell was presented with a Rolls Royce and Caravan at the 1929 World Jamboree (the 3rd world jamboree) held at Arrowe Park, just outside Liverpool, the 21st Birthday of Scouting

At the Jamboree Baden Powell was honored with a number of gifts including a Baronetcy by King George V, and took the title of Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell.

Other gifts included a set of Braces and from the 50,000 Scouts of the world attending, a very special gift of a Rolls Royce Car and a touring Caravan (his old car broke down often, 2wice at the jamboree, and had to be towed home) paid for by pennies donated by scouts around the world

The presentation consisted of Rolls Royce and a Eccles Caravan as well as a check and a portrait by David Jagger.

The Car got the nickname of Jam Roll because it was a Rolls Royce presented at the jamboree and the caravan was called Eccles. Eccles was the name of the caravan manufacturer, but an Eccles is also a type of fruit filled pastry.

Jam Roll is a 20 horse power Rolls Royce, chassis number GVO-40, it was one of the last 20hp chassis to be made. The car was fitted with a custom made 'D' back limousine body that was made by Page and Hunt, it was one of only a few made by the coach builders for Rolls Royce, and it was the last body they made before changing their name to Abbott

The order for Jam Roll was a rush order with the chassis card marked "Urgent 6/8 weeks" The order was placed on the 21 June 1929 and the completed chassis delivered to Page and Hunt on the 19 July. Further noted on the Chassis card state "if this car is not complete by the date of the jamboree R-R to loan car for one day for this occasion" The car was presented to BP on the 10 august 1929 only 50 days after R-R received the order.

A unique feature of Jam Roll is the radiator mascot rather than having the typical "Sprit of Ecstasy" (The Flying Lady) that takes pride of place on a Rolls Royce radiator, Jam Roll had a custom-designed mascot that incorporates the Scout arrowhead and Scout motto "Be Prepared"

Lady Baden Powell sold Jam Roll in 1945 and it passed through nine owners when Ben Grew brought the car in 1986 with 53,000 miles.

For a look at how much work was needed to get it running after so many collectors had neglected it (shame on them)

Of the 294 men and women selected to be astronauts since 1959 to 2005, more than 180 have been Scouts and of the 27 men to travel to the moon on the Apollo 9 through Apollo 17 missions, 24 were Scouts, including 11 of the 12 men who physically walked on the moon's surface, and all three members of the crew of Apollo 13 misson, that had it's oxygen tank expload meaning the landing misson had to be aborted.

I bet WD 40 can solve a wasp problem too

Why are there so damn many kinds of car fuses? Couldn't anyone just go with the common style, or have some meeting and declare a particular type to be the universal standard?

Can you imagine 16 kinds of usb connectors, 16 kinds of windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, gasoline, 16 kinds of tires per size.... etc?

Happy 430 day!

The Mercury Super Marauder 430 cu in.

Only one other car enthusiast site wished you a happy 430 day, those great guys over at  gotta respect those guys!

I don't even know what the heck people were popping over to see, no one left any comments, but yesterday one of the biggest moments in traffic flow occured

normally about 12 thousand people stop by each day.... but now and then, something out there causes the number to jump, usually because of something like a car auction, or a mention on some website that gets a couple million hits a day...

and yesterday about 52 thousand people suddenly came over and took a look, about 7 thousand an hour for 4 hours.

And I have no clue why. I was up in El Segundo at the Hot Wheels show.

Anyone know a good free online software gadget that monitors traffic to and from a website? Feedjit shut down last week after a dozen years, and though you could only see the last 50 or so hits, and what they popped over to see, it was still kinda useful to see what people were interested in

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the many incredibly cool full size and operational Hot Wheels cars

The famous Twin Mill was first brought to SEMA in 2000, and on the way there, was unloaded in Vegas, under the company instructions to NOT drive it on city streets.

Carson Lev, Hot Wheels Director of Design (and really, project manager of the Twin Mill ) insisted, against the expressed wishes of Mattel Execs, that the fully functional Twin Mill must be “driven” down the Las Vegas Strip. Carson fired up the two motored beast, pulled it out of the trailer and then proceeded to the Las Vegas Strip.

Thus, Hot Wheels was proven to be “The World’s Coolest Car Company”, and the Twin Mill was indeed proven to be a fully functional car to enthusiasts and Hot Wheels fans

photo by the kindness of Carson Lev

They only passed a couple Las Vegas police who didn't mind, or, were so damn impressed they didn't care, the first giving the car a gratifying Thumbs Up, the second gave a quick dismissive wave as if to say, “How do I write a ticket for someone being stupid?”

1100 Hp and two engines in such a famous car can have that effect when you're in Vegas during SEMA.  (story gets a little more in depth at )

Also, the fine at SEMA for firing up a car in the convention center is 100,000 dollars per noisy engine operation.

It was only done 7 times. 4 times just for the fire marshall, who was that impressed and amazed.