Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from SEMA!

I love hubless motorcycles, and this one was built by Ballistic Cycles in middle Wisconsin, I'll post more when I can learn it

"Project Long Haul," a total restoration of a 1937 Dodge 1/2-ton pickup by Tommy Pike Customs, celebrating MOPAR's 80th anniversary

the nitro fish drag bike... I dig the airbrushed design

convincing new way of having white wall tires... but it's really only a rim and you can have whatever regular tire you'd normally use


factory authorized reproduction shop manuals

pictures don't show his simple, and cool, and small, this 1968 CJ5 is

Coolest booth I saw today

a core sample drilled from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway shows just over a foot of stratified asphalt over the original 108-year-old bricks.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department SUV stolen by a mental health hospital patient this morning.

A patient from Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar, who was being hospitalized for mental-health concerns, was caught 30 minutes after stealing a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s police SUV, and being chased through the San Fernando Valley.

The patrol vehicle was at the Sylmar medical center for a unrelated report of a person inside causing a disturbance, when a patient from the center, who was being hospitalized for mental-health concerns, took the opportunity to show what poor vehicle security the Los Angeles police has lately, jumped into the patrol SUV and took off


Monday, October 30, 2017

the PPG booth was still getting set up, but this is a great Happy Halloween post (better photos will get posted later)

the next day I went back and got these photos

the round screen displayed several images, and they were both stills and videos. The eyeball was looking around and blinking

the windows are actually flatscreen tvs, and showed ghosts wandering around inside the haunted house

winner of the 2017 Ridler Award

The body was hand-formed from aluminum by Steve's Auto Restorations; it sits on a custom steel plate and chrome moly tube frame. Power comes from a GM Anniversary Edition 427 crate motor.