Sunday, July 31, 2016

fighter jet size comparison

new cars are so low maintenance it's astonishing.. no zircs to grease, no oil needed in the filter, or the horn. Yeah, horns used to need oil! (see the 2000 mile section)

When people complain about how expensive their car is to maintain, just remind them of this 1930's Dodge maintenance schedule wherein you had to replace engine oil every 1,000 miles, transmission and rear axle fluid every 5,000 miles and let's not forget the need to lubricant your horn!

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For riders with iron butts, or shock absorber spines

COE wrecker

Land Rover, out where the adventures happen

just right in several ways

getting back in the race

Saturday, July 30, 2016

the cool art of Cale Funderburk

a variety of dune buggies, how Motion made ends meet in the malaise era after the muscle cars were history

there were so many rip offs of the Meyers Manx

Cool photos from Speedseekers, at the LeMans Classic

“Daytona by Le Marquis” Mercedes-Benz modified by the British designer Robert Jenkel - in Doha, Qatar.

and here is an example of where history did us a service of making a bad idea and ugly design disappear.

thanks Steve!

It's a satisfactory feeling to know that somewhere out there, Swift drivers are doing something stupid to entertain the rest of us

the Vespa 400

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