Monday, March 25, 2013

Moby Dick , a Chrysler 300. Looks like from the last years they made letter cars




  1. That's a 1979 Cordoba (hopefully still with its original 'rich Corinthian' leather upholstery!).

    Chrysler 'letter' cars were made from 1956 (300B) thru 1965(300L).

    Chrysler then made 'non-letter' 300 cars from 1966 thru 1971.

    Then for one year in 1979 Chrysler revived the 300 nameplate, but only as an option package on the Cordoba. While it didn't exactly rival the performance of the original 300's it was still a desirable car. The 360 cubic inch V8 was certainly, when compared to the motivation provided in other cars available at the time, a performance package.

  2. That's a 300 all day long. It was just based on the Cordoba body style. This was not an "option package". They were all made the same and painted the same Spinnaker white color except for the rare few (less than 400) that were painted Rallye Red for the Canadian market. You can call it a Cordoba all you want, but nowhere on these cars was there a Cordoba badge. Either way, they're cool. I own one.