Saturday, January 23, 2010

He was there, Denis Scott... and photographed the dragsters during the heyday of the early 70's, lucky!

Above from the photographer, Denis Scott, the Chi-Town Hustler driven by Ron Colson (which is featured in Mopar Action this month)... offset the driver to lower the roof because the driver wasn't over the driveshaft hump.. and was just restored and cloned. One for the museum and one for the road to tour with at nostalgia events. The Coil name in the owners.. is Austin Coil, you know, the crew chief and tuner for John Force throughout John's astounding career.
The immediately above I found on Skylar's facepage, and Denis was looking through here and let me know that he was the photographer, and filled me in a bit about his photography career, and sent me a couple more:

From Denis, "I was hired by the Chi-Town people to shoot that Hustler photo. I believe that was sponsored by Snap-on tools, I remember the Snap-on girl was there.

I was actually working for hot rod magazines then, Drag Racing USA, I did a lot for them. I was also the track photographer for Rt 30 dragway back then, can you believe that I did this attached poster in 1970!

It was a long career, I travelled all over the USA and Canada shooting big races for magazines in the glory years of drag racing, lot's of fun, but not a lot of money.
But I don't regret it, I used to drag race before all of that, my favorite car I built was my A/A 39 Fiat. These two attached photo's are of my Fiat, but not when I was racing it.
I actually seen it in the pits at the track I was shooting for a few years after I sold it, I shot it sitting there and made these photo's in Photoshop.
Come to think of it, I didn't sell it, I traded it for a 32 Ford 3 window finished street coupe, I miss that also.
This 40 Ford was mine also, why do we sell these things??" is his website, but he already said the dragster photos aren't there (DAMN!)

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  1. Denis, you rule!

    I love that photo because it's not from the strip, it's right on the street back in Sweet Old Chicago.

    Much respect.