Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pontiac woody station wagon that's been in the family since 1950!

Looks like an old tin can

Above, Scott Counter, who bought this woody in 1950

All original wood, re-varnished about 1960 (but not stripped, sanded only.)
All chrome is original; hood & fenders re-painted by Scott (in the driveway!) 1960 something.
The top, steering wheel, & hood ornament replaced; seats re-upholstered.
All mats, weatherstrip,etc. original stuff.


  1. Wonderful post, Jesse.
    The interesting is the sign on the door who reads "Casa de Pandemonium" witch is written in portuguese and latin. "Casa de" is house of, and "Pandemonium" can be read as mess, tumult. So yu read house of mess. Did you hear from them why portuguese?
    Regards, Nik.

  2. Casa de is also Spanish.